23 November 2012

Time Reckoning in Umathela - Part One: Calendar

Umathings are an illiterate, barbarian people. As a consequence, time reckoning in Umathela is of Malki (and especially God Learner) origin.

In a first approximation, time reckoning in Umathela conforms to the generic Gloranthan dating systems. As in most other Gloranthan cultures, seven days make up one week; eight weeks make up one Season; five Seasons, plus 14 extra days called Sacred Time, make up one year. A Gloranthan year thus is 294 days long. Irrespective of culture, the year always starts on the vernal equinox (New Years Day).

However, the Malki influence is obvious in the presence of months in the Umathelan calendar. The concept of 'months' is unknown in Glorantha; only the Westerners use them.

The Umathelan calendar is hence as follows:

SEA SEASON (days 1 to 56)
  month of Sementis (days 1 to 28)
    Disorder week (days 1 to 7)
    Harmony week (days 8 to 14)
    Death week (days 15 to 21)
    Fertility week (days 22 to 28)
  month of Vernus (days 29 to 56)
    Stasis week (days 29 to 35)
    Movement week (days 36 to 42)
    Illusion week (days 43 to 49)
    Truth week (days 50 to 56)

FIRE SEASON (days 57 to 112)
  month of Fervidor (days 57 to 84)
  month of Aestival (days 85 to 112)

EARTH SEASON (days 113 to 168)
  month of Messistide (days 113 to 140)
  month of Aeror (days 141 to 168)

DARK SEASON (days 169 to 224)
  month of Frigidor (days 169 to 196)
  month of Brumastide (days 197 to 224)

STORM SEASON (days 225 to 280)
  month of Turbidor (days 225 to 252)
  month of Nex (days 253 to 280)

SACRED TIME (days 281 to 294)
    first week (days 281 to 287)
    second week (days 288 to 294)

Each pair of months within a given season follows the same pattern of eight weeks with the same names: Disorder, Harmony, Death, Fertility, Stasis, Movement, Illusion, Truth.

Each week within a given month/season always has the same names for the days in the week:
Day 1- Freezeday (Umathings), Hilmday (Malki)
Day 2- Waterday (Umathings), Fronday (Malki)
Day 3- Clayday (Umathing), Haranday (Malki)
Day 4- Windsday (Umathing), Orenday (Malki)
Day 5- Fireday (Umathing), Ulerday (Malki)
Day 6- Wildday (Umathing), Acoday (Malki)
Day 7- Godsday (Umathing), Oneday (Malki)

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