19 November 2012

Dakon Ven Dalorin

the following was posted by Keith "kmnellist" on the WorldofGlorantha Yahoo! group on 4/10/2011 — reproduced here as a cool scenario seed for Second Age Umathela

998: Jrusteli scholar Dakon Ven Dalorin demonstrated that Basmoli of Tarien spoke Basmoli

Dakon Ven Dalorin is the hero of this story. Deconstructing this sentence, we have to come to the conclusion that Dakon wasn't in Jrustela when he demonstrated that Basmoli did indeed speak Basmoli like wot it woz spoke in Seshnela. He certainly didn't capture some Tarien Basmoli and move them to sunken Jrustela to demonstrate it. It seems more likely that Dakon was from Jrustela, but had left before it sunk and lived in Umathela (say, from 950). He probably knew the Lord of the World's Knowledge. He might even know that guy who "proved" that the elves of Enkloso were extinct. Perhaps he was that guy. His expertise in Enkloso lore recommended him as the leader of the expedition to travel through apparently Elf-free Enkloso, into the Basmoli country in Tarien.

So, here's the game— player characters are the assistants, guards and scouts of the famous scholar Dakon Ven Dalorin, who is setting off to prove his theory that the Fiwan of Pamaltela and Hsunchen of Genertela are related and share common ancestry. Perhaps one of the player characters is a Basmoli "specimen" from Genertela.

I'd set it in 976, just after the Errinoru dynasty gets ended by insects, further proof if any were needed, that Dakon's theory on Enkloso elves is correct. The plan is to go where no man has gone before— Hangofey and Guruch Tomoni, where "Umathelan humans have never penetrated this far south". Lively dinosaurs, trolls, slarges, and the occasional Basmoli lion man to talk to.

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