19 August 2012

The Uz of the Tarmo Mountains

There isn't much official information available about the Uz of the Tarmo Mountains. The following is from Races of Glorantha, Volume One (Mongoose, 2010):

The Uz of the Tarmo Mountains are not Muri but are Uzdo. The mountains are high and snow-covered, well suited for the cold loving dark trolls. The trolls of this region were not followers of Moorgarki, arriving on the surface in a separate exodus from Wonderhome, however many still worship him for his powers to fight against the Pamaltelans. Kyger Litor is most beloved of the Tarmo Tribes but her worship is done in a manner unrecognisable to the trolls of Genertela. The Tarmo Trolls delight in raiding and devouring the oases of Tarien. Other monsters also dwell in the region such as the monstrous Grey Giants and flying Hoon, which the Trolls have learned to drive into battle against their foes. By great irony the Tarmo Trolls are as equally affected by the Trollkin curse as the Genertelan Trolls, however the trolls rarely entertain their runt offspring and cast them out into the wilderness. Hordes of hungry trollkin sometimes ravage as far as southern Umathela.

In my Glorantha, the Tarmo Trolls are nomads. The cold mountains do not produce enough food to sustain a sedentary population of hungry, healthy Uzdo (remember— the Enlo are cast away). As a consequence, the Tarmo Trolls are always on the move, exploiting what little food they can find in the mountains, and sometimes raiding the Tarien oases.

The Tarmo Trolls have tamed giant wolf-spiders, which they use as beasts of burden to carry their belongings whenever they move across the mountains from campsite to campsite.

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