29 August 2012

Maggot Lamia

A maggot lamia is the offspring of a mortal woman (usually Fonritan) and a succubus in male form. Maggot lamiæ resemble beautiful women from the waist up, but have a bloated, white, wormlike body. For some strange twist of fate, a maggot lamia hasn't inherited the lamiæ's magical talent for illusion, and hence cannot modify its appearance. The maggot lamia has also lost the chaotic taint associated to her lineage.
As a result of their inability to hide their appearance, maggot lamiæ are cast off their home land and end up wandering in the remotest parts of Pamaltela. Ironically enough, the chaotic 'standard' lamiæ remain in civilised lands, whereas the non-chaotic maggot lamiæ must live far from them.

Despite their appearance and their unlucky life, maggot lamiæ aren't aggressive vis-à-vis humans on the whole. On the contrary, a lone maggot lamia will welcome human company in the hope of alleviating her life of seclusion. A maggot lamia will be especially keen on receiving news of any relatives she may still have in the land whence she comes.

As written above, maggot lamiæ have lost their species' illusion powers. Instead of it, they have another power to be randomly rolled (or chosen by the GM) on the following table:
  1. Bestow Luck
  2. Detect Chaos
  3. Detect Lies
  4. Divination 
  5. Exceptional Intelligence
  6. True Sight

Just like the kiss of a 'standard' lamia, the kiss of a maggot lamia will drain magical energy from a person. However, there obviously aren't as many people willing to kiss a maggot lamia as there are to kiss a 'standard' lamia disguised as a lovely human female...

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