16 August 2012

Giant Vronkali

The southern slopes of the Tarmo mountains are covered with Sequoioideae, the tallest and largest trees in the world, which thrive in this peculiar ecoregion, usually hot, but sometimes receiving the Umathelan storms from the north in Storm Season. It's also kept moist by the fogs of the Dark Season.

Just as Vronkali relate to coniferous forests, Giant Vronkali relate to Sequoioideae, and the southern slopes of the Tarmo mountains are their natural home. They are so large and strong that they have no foes. However, for some peculiar reason, they fear birds, even though the latter cannot harm them. Well, we humans are also afraid of cockroaches, which cannot harm us, so let us not mock the Giant Vronkali.

Cleverly enough, the Uz of the Tarmo Mountains have managed to raise flocks of birds that they use to open their paths when travelling through the redwoods of the southern slopes.

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