10 May 2023

Tunnels & Trolls Purchased by Rebellion

The exciting boring saga of the T&T purchases continues! After Rick Loomis’ sad passing in 2019, Tunnels & Trolls (along with all the other Flying Buffalo Inc games, with the exception of Monsters! Monsters!) was purchased by Webbed Sphere Inc, a US toy retailer, who sat on the licence and didn’t do anything with it.

A press release dated 10 May 2023 announces that the British video games company Rebellion Developments Ltd has in turn purchased T&T, MSPE and the other former FBI games. Rebellion has a tabletop imprint called Rebellion Unplugged and, judging by what they have published on their web-site, they are true blue Tunnels & Trolls fanatics. So here’s to hoping they’ll do a better job than Webbed Sphere [tbf that shouldn’t be too difficult]!

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