09 May 2023

Arkat Podcast

Arkat is one of my favourite figures from the Gloranthan legendarium... probably even my favourite one, as he epitomises everything that sets Glorantha apart from all the other vanilla fantasy worlds: there is no ‘good’, no ‘evil’, but an ‘us versus them’ attitude, and player characters have access to heroquesting, i.e., the capacity to explore past myths in order to modify them or to gain personal power from that kind of deep spiritual/religious interaction.

Well, the God Learners podcast have just made available their latest podcast and it is a whopping 67 minutes devoted to our beloved bad-tempered hero.


  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only Arkat fan. His story was what made me interested in Glorantha.

    1. Hey, Arkat rocks, of course I’m a big fan. I wish there was a Book of Arkat for RQ.