27 February 2020

the Taun Taun

The Guide to Glorantha only mentions ‘Hsunchen Bands’, but in My Glorantha there are several other semi-nomadic peoples, of mixed (but mostly Woki) descent, who also live on the slopes of the Hachuan Shan mountains between Teshnos and Kralorela (plate 32 of the Argan Argar Atlas). These wandering peoples use a variety of mounts, but the most commonly used one when raiding is the taun taun, a biped reptile native to this rather cold region.

Here are the taun taun’s stats for RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha (inspired by the ones that had circulated in the RuneQuest 6 Star Wars supplement some time ago), shown in the familiar Bestiary format.

Arctosaurus Corniger
These large biped reptiles may trot or run on their two hind legs bearing a human-sized rider. These mounts are particularly adapted to the rugged terrain of the Hachuan Shan mountains, and will outrun a horse or any other animal that is not used to mountainous terrain.
They will fight only if cornered, but will carry their rider in battle.

Characteristics (Average)
STR 2D6+18 (25)
CON 2D6+6 (13)
SIZ 4D6+20 (34)
POW 3D6 (10-11)
DEX 2D6+6 (13)

Hit Points: 19      Move: 12
Magic Points: 11     Base SR: 2
Armour: 2-point thick fur, plus horns on head.
Skills: Dodge 35%, Listen 60%.

Taun Taun Hit Locations
Tail 01-02     2/6
Right hind leg 03-04     2/7
Left hind leg 05-06     2/7
Abdomen 07-09     2/8
Chest 10-14     2/8
Right foreclaw 15     2/5
Left foreclaw 16     2/5
Head 17-20     4/7

Weapon % Damage SR
Butt* 45 2D8+3D6 6
Kick* 45 1D8+3D6 6

*a taun taun will kick if cornered, but it will rather butt and then flee if it has a choice.

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