03 June 2018

News from UK Games Expo 2018

Alas, I was not able to attend this British con, but there was a Chaosium panel and Ian Cooper (HQ line editor) tweeted about it. Since it contains a lot of HeroQuest-related information that had only vaguely been hinted at during Chimériades and the Eternal Con, I thought it would be of interest to my readers if I copied Ian Cooper's tweets here:

Chaosium will be delivering an SRD of the HeroQuest engine, licensed under the OGL. We want you to use this engine for your own genre packs and games.

We'll keep the HeroQuest brand for Glorantha and the SRD will have a new name, as we think the brand makes more sense as a Gloranthan name than a generic system.

We are going to release some new genre packs for the game (ways to play a given genre). Ron Edwards is working on cosmic superheroes for us, we have discussions about a pulp setting, we will probably do a SF one, and touch something a little more left-field.

We want to show what the engine can do.

We will continue to tackle Glorantha. In Dragon Pass we will focus on 1625— to distinguish from the RQG 1625+ period. We want to cover the Dragonrise and how your players can lead that great event, the key to the liberation of Sartar.

And we are going to tackle Fonrit. We think it is an ideal Sword & Soul setting, presentable with all Glorantha's richness bit will no publication history before now, a great opportunity for folks to get in on the ground floor of a Gloranthan setting.

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