04 May 2016

Chimeriades & RuneQuest 4

Long-time readers of this blog know that there are three conventions I love and have almost never missed: the one in Bacharach in Rhineland-Palatinate, THE KRAKEN in Brandenburg, and Chimériades in the Luberon.

Well, Chimériades V starts tomorrow, and I am oh! so excited to go. The highlight for me will be Chaosium's own Jeff Richard making the first public appearance of the new RuneQuest rules (which Jeff calls ‘RuneQuest 4’ — not sure if that will be the official name though). I will be playing in a game refereed by Jeff on Thursday night — watch this space if you're interested by my first impressions!


  1. Please tell us all about the game! :-P

  2. jbbourgoin9/5/16 18:08

    Ah oui, on veut un retour :)

    Et puis l'annonce de la traduction d'HeroQuest Glorantha en français ... Quelle belle époque :)