14 October 2014

13th Age in Glorantha Madness!

OK, so the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter project has ended with an incredible grand total of pledges at $116,150. Wow... that's more than €90,000!

Jeff and Rob have just kept adding stretches to entice us fans into parting from our hard-earned cash... Which we are grateful for :)

  • The Trickster† as a character class!
  • Uz characters in, and in particular Zorak Zorani
  • Duck characters in
  • The magicians of the Sartar Magical Union as a secret society for the PCs
  • The Crimson Bat and its evil attending priests as NPCs
  • Further evil Lunar‡ NPCs: the Comet Seers, the Blue Moon School, the Spell Archers, and the Crater Makers
  • Cults of Chaos: Bagog, Krarsht, Thanatar
  • Plenty of new, additional, full-colour art!
  • Three adventures

† The Hero Wars has let Eurmal free from his bindings and slip openly into the world. Prince Argrath has placed those initiated to Eurmal under his protection and his magical societies are havens for Tricksters, outlaws, and other holy madmen. Some rumours claim that the new prince is himself a Trickster.  Others claim that Harrek White Bear is the physical incarnation of the Destroyer aspect of the Trickster. Still others claim that the entire Hero Wars is orchestrated by the Trickster. [Jeff on G+]

‡ You will notice that 13th Age in Glorantha is, alas, heavily slanted in favour of the Sartarite hillbillies. I hope a future Lunar book will enable us to play normal civilised people.

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