02 February 2014

The Deluxe T&T KS Updates Keep Worrying Me

The Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter updates continue keeping me worried. I have mentioned the one which, for the very first time, has actually tackled the contents of the rules rather than the various goodies available for backers.

Well, apparently that particular KS update has attracted lots of backers' comments, the ones in favour of the talent tiers, the others against them, whilst some others were against the use of talents in T&T altogether [why do these guys need a Deluxe version of T&T, then??].

Rick has explained that the feedback is going to be taken into account. To me this means "we haven't really started writing the DT&T rules, we'll use this stuff as input when we do start".

In another KS update, Rick complains that some backers have complained about not having received any draft version of the book yet. Well, Rick shouldn't have complained-- it's pretty normal fare in all the KS projects I've funded to receive draft versions of the game before its completion. So what did Rick throw at us backers? A free PDF of the 4th edition of T&T, all the way back from... 1977. In my eyes, this confirms that they really haven't started working on DT&T yet :-(


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  2. Ken St Andre's version of the new rulebook is finished, but Liz Danforth is the editor and, as is widely known, she is much more than an editor. In fact, the game's development is largely in her hands. Of course, Bear Peters is involved in the development too. Trollhalla members have been consulted. I have been consulted on different aspects of the new rules too. The overall input is huge, Liz has received many suggestions and comments, and she will have to make difficult decisions, but it doesn't mean that the DT&T rules have not yet been written.
    Talents are definitely here to stay. So far, the bonus they give is based on a die roll, which works for me, but more refined (optional?) rules will probably be suggested.

  3. OK, thanks for the heads-up! I wish the official updates were as informative as yours, then :)

  4. And there seems to be some sort of problem with Ken's T&T versus the Dansforth T&T. If not, someone is surviving the worst case of flu that did not kill someone within two months.