25 October 2013

My RPG Person Profile

OK, this is Zak's latest meme, to which I'm obviously succumbing. Here is my RPG Person Profile:

I'm currently running (at home): Oriental Monsters & Magic playtest campaign

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (at home) include: HeroQuest

I'm currently running (online): nothing

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (online) include: BRP, HeroQuest, RuneQuest 6

I would especially like to play/run: Monkey, Tunnels & Trolls, Wordplay

...but would also try: Aquelarre, Món de monstres

I live in: Paris

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: Death Frost Doom, Gloranthan Classics: Pavis & Big Rubble, Rome: Life and Death of the Republic

2 or 3 novels I like: The Age of Doubt, The Name of the Rose, The Water Margin

2 or 3 movies I like: A Chinese Ghost Story, North by Northwest, Yongseoneun Eopda

Best place to find me on-line: G+

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it's: set in Glorantha

I really do not want to hear about: theories about role-playing games -- I like to play rpg's not to think about rpg's

I think dead orc babies are: cliché'd

Games I'm in are like: http://eternal-con.de/

Free RPG Content I made for Glorantha is available here.

Free RPG Content I made for Imperial China is available here.

Free RPG Content I made for weird fantasy role-playing is available here.

You can buy RPG stuff I made about BRP China here.

If you know anything about East Asia, it'd help me with a project I'm working on.

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