14 August 2014

Glorantha: The Gods War Boardgame

Your favourite gaming sleuth already had the news on 11 June:

Also in the works: a Gloranthan boardgame by Sandy, similar to Cthulhu Wars.
We were shown an early but working draft of the board — which obviously represents Glorantha with huge geographical zones (4 to 5 zones per continent).

Well, the official announcement about this new boardgame set in Glorantha by Sandy Petersen hit Tweeter almost an hour ago:

It appears the new boardgame will be called The Gods War. There will be seven playable factions, viz, Chaos, Storm/Air, Sky/Fire, Earth, Sea/Water, Darkness, Moon. Here's the blurb from Sandy's site:


Legendary game designer, Sandy Petersen (Cthulhu Wars), is proud to partner with Moon Design Publications (Guide to Glorantha) to bring a colossal new chapter to board-gaming! Glorantha: The Gods War is a new board-game taking place in the mythic universe of Glorantha, a fantasy setting beloved by fans for almost 40 years.

Glorantha: The Gods War is a competitive strategy game in which 3 to 5 players summon minions and gods, build temples and shrines, and cast spells. The players go on heroquests, gather mystic runes, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their territory. Each faction has its own unique set of spells, mortal units, and immortal gods.

Each copy of The Gods War will come packed in a sturdy box containing a durable, full colour, double-sided map with 36 highly detailed miniatures (even more with additional planned expansions). The units are designed to a 28mm scale so they can also be used in other tabletop games. They range in size from normal humans up to colossal pieces – larger than any game pieces we’ve encountered (aside from the legendary Cthulhu Wars). We believe the quality of these miniatures will speak for themselves. This game is for people who appreciate first-rate components in their gaming experience.

12 August 2014

How does RQ: AiG compare to 13th Age in Glorantha?

The following is from Loz, and has been posted today on the G+ Glorantha community:

How does RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha compare to 13th Age in Glorantha?

The brief answer is... you don't fully know yet because neither book is complete. However, we're likely to cover most bases (character creation, cults, magic, monsters) to a similar degree albeit from very different perspectives that fit the nature of the respective game systems. 13th Age in Glorantha will obviously have a heavier emphasis on the Icons whereas RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha will be more 'down in the dust' which fits with the overall ethos of RQ Glorantha gaming. However RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha will include HeroQuesting and also how to emulate HQ-style magic using RQ6's various magic systems.

Both books will also be quite awesome. Buy both.

11 August 2014

Gloranthan Goodness Galore

Two excellent pieces of news for us Gloranthan fans this Monday!

First and foremost, the Gloranthan web comic by Jeff & Kalin Kadiev that I had mentioned in my Eternal Con report is live. The first instalments look fantastic. I have been a fan of the art that Kalin posted on deviantART and on G+ for a long time, but I think he's really surpassed himself here!

The story almost starts in medias res: except for the first introductory page, set in a pastoral landscape that looks quaintly Thracian, the Gloranthan tone is immediately there, with the otherworld, the demons. Looking forward to the next episodes!

The second very interesting piece of news is the announcement by Moon Design of a 13th Age in Glorantha book. The supplement will be funded via a Kickstarter campaign but honestly I can't see how it shouldn't fund. With RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha by The Design Mechanism in the pipe, this means that around this same time next year, GMs and players of Gloranthan adventures will have the choice between three different official rule sets to play in Glorantha:
  1- HeroQuest, for narrative games
  2- RuneQuest 6, for gritty adventures
  3- 13th Age, for character-driven/centred gaming
plus all the unofficial homebrews, amongst which Timinits & Trolls by yours truly.  Which is really, really cool: Glorantha may now expand to all kinds of gaming styles and all kinds of different players.

06 August 2014

RuneQuest 6 In Italian - What Next?

So the crowdfunding campaign for an Italian-language edition of RuneQuest 6 didn't make it. This doesn't spell the end of RQ6 in Italian, though. Alephtar Games still have until 2015 to translate the game, and at least Alephtar Games now know how many people are ready to buy the book and may adjust the cost estimates accordingly. Anyway, in a very elegant gesture, Alephtar Games have provided all backers with a small surprise.

Stay tuned!

30 July 2014

RuneQuest 6 In Italian - State of the Crowdfunding Campaign

A short post about the state of the crowdfunding campaign for the Italian version of RuneQuest 6. There are only two days left, and the funding of the campaign is only at 57%. Please click on the link below, and contribute :)

RuneQuest 6 Edizione Italiana

Quick recap of what is to be expected, should the crowfunding campaign succeed:
- A three-volume edition of the game
- A5-dimensioned PDF files for improved readability
- Looking for a November 2104 availability of the manuals

There are also a few interesting stretch golas (esp. the firdst one below), but alas I doubt they will be achieved:
- An all-Italian setting book
- A translation of Mythic Britain (aimed at a 2015 publication)
- ...

29 June 2014

RuneQuest 6 In Italian! (cont'd)

The crowdfunding campaign for the Italian version of RuneQuest 6 has started! The game —if successfully funded— will be sold in three books (Player's Book, Gamemaster's Book, Magic Book). I don't know whether this is because Italian players are supposed to be poorer, and hence there is the appeal, for instance, of only buying the Player's Book if you're a player, or because Alephtar Games want to emulate the way a certain famous fantasy role-playing game has been sold for a long time...

Anyway, here is the page for the crowdfunding campaign. I am particularly intrigued by the 4000€ stretch goal: a campaign pack based on the Ladin Iron Age legends of the Kingdom de Fanes. Other stretch goals offer the usual perks of better presented books, etc.; others yet offer the possibility to 'unlock' the Italian translation of other RQ6 books, like Mythic Britain or the Book of Quests. These would still have to be bought separately, though; they are not part of the current bundle.

Funding is currently at 32%, with 33 days to go.

23 June 2014

My First Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Solo Game

So poor Evil Ed was quietly sipping an ale and trying to make an impression on the tavern waitress when the burgomaster came in and talked him into getting into the dungeon to find some cure for an ailing child.

So Evil Ed entered the dT&T version of Buffalo Castle (also received as a free PDF as part of the KS project) through the left door. I had decided he'd have three doses of blade venom thanks to his Poisoner talent, his high IQ, and his re-rollable SR.

With his catastrophic CHR, Evil Ed din't manage to talk the troll into letting him through and had to fight it. Ed din't hesitate a moment, and used the blade venom. Good move as the monster had a MR of 50! Ed dispatched the troll in four rounds, and suffered 2 hp of spite damage during the course of the fight. He grabbed the 300gp jewel and quickly headed back to the exit. Tough luck, this meant he had to fight his way through TWO wandering monsters; first a swarm of killer bees, losing a mere 1 hp (and being now immune to bee poison), and then a giant!!!! A MR of 80!! Ed obviously tried to dodge it rather than fight it but missed two DEX SRs in a row. The giant smashed Ed flat. Bye bye Ed; we hardly knew ye.

My First Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Character

The beta version of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rules comes with an u·g·l·y blank character sheet, which by the way is called a “character card” in dT&T; I guess because it's small enough to fit on an index card. It's also not consistently shown throughout the rules.

Anyway, I couldn't resist, and I created my very first dT&T character! Let me introduce you to Evil Ed:

Given the dismal combat stats, I have dropped the Roguery talent and replaced it with the Poisoner talent. Ed is going to prepare some blade poison before entering that first solo dungeon...