30 August 2013

Using Monster Island in Second-Age Glorantha

Monster Island for RuneQuest 6 by the Design Mechanism has been available for quite some time now, but due to very long holidays —not that I am going to complain— which have completely dried up my bank account, I haven't been able to lay my grubby hands on this mouth-watering tome yet.

I have already blogged about this S&S sandbox supplement, so I am not going to go through a description again, especially since I haven't seen the final product.

However, a recent thread on Google+ has sparked renewed interest in Monster Island, viz:

I want to set Monster Island in Second-Age Glorantha but my players are asking where exactly the Island is and what year in 2nd Age - would appreciate any advice on both?

to which I have answered along the lines of:

There is a monster island off the coast of Pamaltela— Loral. According to the upcoming Guide of Glorantha: “Loral was inhabited by humans before the Closing. Their land used to be called the Queendom of Loral”.
As for the year to set the campaign in, it could be just before the Closing, to add an impending sense of doom!

And if you rotate the map of Monster Island ninety degrees anticlockwise, it even becomes very similar to the map of Loral!

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