22 August 2013

New “glorantha.com” web-site

As I had announced on 21 May 2013, Moon Design have acquired from Greg Stafford the rights to the world of Glorantha. The acquisition has been finalised as of 14 August, and as a result Moon Design is reshuffling and restructuring its web-site.

The first step has been a change in the domain name (glorantha.com rather than moondesignpublishing.com), but more is in the works, as Moon Design are obviously going to take advantage of the acquisition to emphasise the world of Glorantha and to recentre their line of business by focusing more on Glorantha and, apparently, not only through HeroQuest if I am to believe what the good people at Moon Design have written on the various social networks. That was a long sentence.

One consequence is that the user credentials from moondesignpublishing.com are not necessarily going to be carried over to glorantha.com, so watch the latter and make sure your account is still working/has to be re-instated.

Another consequence is that you may lose the ability to download whatever PDFs you had bought from the online store so, again, watch the latter web-site and make sure you still have access to your purchases. If you don't, contact Moon Design through this page.

The forums re-start from scratch. Stop using the old forum and move on to the new one. You will have to re-create a user account ☹ and man does the interface suck.

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