23 December 2012

Seasons in Umathela

This post can be considered as an addition to my earlier Umathelan calendar post.

As already written, the Gloranthan year comprises five two-month seasons, followed by the two-week Sacred Time. For reasons that go back to Glorantha's distant past, each season is heavily influenced by one of the elemental runes. Sacred Time, however, is devoted to the Gods, and no single element holds sway on it.

The first season is the Sea season
In Umathela, it is a dry and chilly season.This is the time of traders and travellers.

The second season is the Fire season
In Umathela, it is a time of warm weather, with long rains. Harvest takes place at the end of this season.

The third season is the Earth season
In Umathela, it is a time of hot weather, with short rains. This is a time of activity for all Plant-Men. Fishermen have their best catches during this season.

The fourth season is the Dark season
In Umathela, it is cloudy and humid, but with little precipitation. The temperature is warm to cold. Trolls are most active during this time, whilst Brown Elves sleep.

The fifth season is the Storm season
In coastal Umathela, this means frequent hurricanes. In landlocked areas, heavy snow. Everywhere else, constant wind. The weather is overall cold.

During Sacred Time, no element is prominent, and the weather is calm and mild. This is when Umathings plant and bless their crops. Theist people are busy praying. Spirits are particularly active during this period of the year.

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