09 December 2012

Forest's Guardian

(dedicated to Hervé Carteau)

The Forest's Guardian is a large, animal-like plant construct magically animated by the Great Tree of a given Aldryami Forest for purposes of self-defence in times of danger, typically to confront invaders. The Forest's Guardian will remain in the vicinity of the Great Tree to make sure it is unharmed.

 Sometimes, the Great Tree of an Aldryami Forest becomes mad. In this case, the Forest's Guardian may be created for nefarious, rather than defensive, purposes, and it may hunt down any sentient species it encounters, including elves, irrespective of their actual behaviour towards the Great Tree.

Despite its size, the Forest's Guardian moves at incredible speed through the forest.

HQ Characteristics
Large 5Ш
Fast 5Ш
Devouring maw 3Ш2
Liana attack 5Ш2
Lacks central nervous system 8Ш
Lacks Man Rune 8Ш

T&T Characteristics
MR 350
Combat dice 36D + 175
Special: 9/Ensnare - Lvl 5 SR against DEX or be ensnared within the creature (see picture above); Lvl 5 SR against STR to break free.

BRP/RQ Characteristics
STR 6D6 (21)
CON 6D6 (21)
DEX 4D6 (14)
SIZ 3D6+20 (30-31)
INT 2D6 (7)
POW 4D6 (14)
Move: 12
Hit points: 26
Damage Bonus: +2D6
Armour: 5 points
  • Maw 55%, 1D10+dmg bonus
  • Liana (×2) 75%, 1D8+dmg bonus. Any victim hit must roll his DEX vs the creature's DEX on the Resistance Table. Failure means the victim is ensnared within the Guardian (see picture above). Every following round, the victim may try and break free by roll his STR vs the creature's STR on the Resistance Table.
Special abilities:
  • Life Sense
  • The Forest's Guardian is attuned to the Forest's Song and hence can never be surprised, always know where its foes are, etc.
Magic: Plant Rune. Depending on his system of choice, the GM should devise plant-based spells.
Special defence: The Guardian lacks the Man Rune and is hence immune to spells such as Harmonise, and to any mind-affecting spells or powers (Befuddle, etc.)
Hit Location Table: Since the Guardian does not have a central nervous sytem, and since it immediately regrows (or rather re-sprouts) any lost limb, it is assumed to have but a single hit location.
Should the Guardian have ensnared one or more victims, then any damage to the Guardian may actually affect the ensnared victim.
For 1 victim, roll 1D20: on a roll of 1-2, the victim is hit; 3-20, the Guardian is hit.
For 2 victims, roll 1D20: on a roll of 1-2, the 1st victim is hit; on a roll of 3-4, the 2nd victim is hit; 5-20, the Guardian is hit.
And so on...

LotFP Characteristics
Armour as leather + shield.
Move as unencumbered man.
HD 8. #AT 3: maw/liana/liana, D 1D10/1D8+ensnarement/1D8+ensnarement.
Save vs Paralyse or be ensnared.
To break free: use the Wrestling rules. Consider that the Guardian has STR and DEX 18.

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