28 October 2012


Rampart was a heavily fortified city that was built at the height of the Middle Sea Empire's extension on the banks of the river Quarni in southern Enkloso.

In that area, the river Quarni (which flows from the Tarmo mountains towards the sea) separates an ancient rainforest from the plains.

Bizarrely enough, the Middle Sea Empire built the fortified city on the forest side of the river rather than on the plains side. A huge fortified bridge above the river Quarni joined the city with the rest of Umathela. The fact that the city laid on the forest side of the river was a puissant testament to the Middle Sea Empire's hubris.

After the demise of the Middle Sea Empire, the Malki inhabitants of the city slowly deserted it. Plants quickly gained ground in the now-abandoned city, which is now in ruins.

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