18 October 2012

Quick Starting Equipment

Another useful post from gaptooth: Quick Starting Equipment. I'll obviously have to adapt his post for Timinits & Trolls and Umathelan characters— who will necessarily have different starting equipment from faux-mediæval European ones.

The guidelines from the post, however, can be safely followed. With my obsession of less rules, less stuff written on the character sheet, I fully endorse the idea that a given character class corresponds to a given set of starting equipment (BTW this is what I have done in my book The Celestial Empire).

Now in a game that has less strict professions/character classes such as Timinits & Trolls, it's not as straightforward. Saying that any 'thief' PC has thieving tools is a no-brainer. But what about the 'jack-of-all-trades'— he obviously cannot have the tools of all trades!

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