03 February 2007

Signs & Portents issue No.41

This issue features two RuneQuest articles, one of them being the opening article of the zine. This is good news... Mongoose have obviously decided to strongly support RuneQuest.
The first article is a nice presentation of a D&D-like druid for 'gateway' RQ settings. If it can draw former D&D players to our game, why not. Plus it also features rules for potions and herbs.
The second article is a scenario set in a rural community. I haven't read it, but it looks pretty good, similar to old style RQ2 scenarios (à la Apple Lane).
There is also a full page ad for the new Lankhmar RQ books by the 'goose. Again, not a setting I'd use, but it can certainly draw players who are not Gloranthaphiles to RuneQuest.

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