28 December 2016

Quick-ish RuneQuest Classic Edition Char Gen

Mike Hill over at G+ has suggested the following:

These are the set-up rules we use to quickly replace a character in play or when we don’t have the energy for the full-blown experience.

Quick Adventurers

Here’s a solution for the creation of new adventurers in a hurry; it’s not scientific but it produces a playable character that’s fairly close to the original training rules without taking half an hour.

1. Roll the dice to create your character and calculate the skill modifiers, strike rank, damage bonus etc.

2. Take 12 skill advances in accordance with the provisos below.

3. Take one weapon, including a shield, for each weapon skill that received one or more advance.

4. Select items of armour totalling no more than 3 encumbrance points.

5. Record one adventurer’s pack (2 ENC points), if they’re in use.

6. Select two 1-point battle magic spells or one 1-point spell and two Detect spells.

7. Accept 3,100 L in training debt, less 5% per point of CHA over 12.

8. If the adventurer has background funds they may be spent on additional gear now.

Skill AdvancesEach skill advance increases the base skill level by 5 points; the base level is the value printed on the character sheet plus (or minus) the skill category modifier (attack, knowledge, stealth etc.).

However skill advances may only bring the net skill level up to 25 points unless the base skill level is already 25 or greater, in which case a single advance is permitted.

For standard weapons, a single advance increases both attack and parry; an advance in a missile weapon or a shield increases only the attack or parry skill respectively. The referee may rule that weapons outside the cultural norm start with a base of 5 plus modifier rather than the value stated in the rules.

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