06 November 2015

Random Dragon Pass Wilderness Generator

This Random Dragon Pass Wilderness Generator is a hack of Éric Nieudan's own more generic classic fantasy random wilderness generator.

What you need:
 - A standard 52-card deck with French suits (♠♥♦♣); remove the jokers and the 2's.
 - Dice.

1. Draw cards to make a 7×7 grid; leave centre of grid empty. The centre is your main point of interest (city, dungeon, whatever) and is up to you — see picture below:

2. Terrain the remaining 48 areas according to card suit; face cards mean there is a steading. See tables below:

  plains or plateau 
 ♣ woods or swamp 
  hills or dunes 
 ♠ mountains or canyons 

 Jack: village, hamlet or camp 
 Queen: temple, shrine, other holy place 
 King: tower, keep or fortress 
 Ace: town or trading post 

3. Encounters and events. For each card, roll d20 and compare to card value (Jack = 11, Queen = 12,  King = 13, Ace = 14) on the main table below. Choose or draw another card for subtypes.

Variant: Use a d12 for step 3; use a different type of die in the light grey rectangle around the centre of the grid, see above; e.g., if the centre is a city (civilised) then use a d10 in the light grey area; if it is a dungeon (wild) then use a d20.

 Die   Civilised Encounters
Die roll < card value 
Die roll = card value 
 Wild Encounters
Die roll > card value 
 1   Farmers travelling ♣foraging poaching ♠fleeing 
 2   Fishermen working ♣mending nets famished ♠building a dam 
 3   Merchants caravan ♣lost being robbed ♠loaded with gold   Ambush or trap 
 4   Acolytes preaching ♣looking for help begging ♠on a pilgrimage   Impromptu market   Aldryami elves ♣dryadpixies ♠runners 
 5   Men-at-arms mercenaries ♣soldiers at war militia ♠recruiting   Freak weather   Dwarves industrious ♣wise hungry ♠curious 
 6   Ducks assassins ♣traders confidence artists ♠family   Blocked roads   Newtlings scared ♣hostilefriendly ♠on a pilgrimage 
 7   Wizards master & retainers ♣illusionists necromancer ♠witch   Fire   Animals herbivores ♣wolves pterodactyls ♠mountain lions 
 8   Adventurers bruised & beaten ♣hostile friendly ♠richly equipped   Flood   Monster dinosaur ♣manticore jack o'bear ♠minotaur 
 9   Barbariansin battle ♣on a heroquest raiding ♠hiding from foe   Battle   Nomads Grazelanders ♣Pol Joni Praxians ♠Morokanths 
 10   Trolls merchants ♣patrol messengers ♠raiding   Ghosts   Spiders hive ♣parasites with hosts giant ♠sentient 
 11   Bandits river raiders ♣on the run hiding ♠carrying plunder   Country fair   Trolls slavers ♣Zorak Zorani Tusk raiders ♠cave trolls 
 12   Thieves street thugs ♣running from the law spies ♠burglars   Chaos nest   Bandits pirates ♣folk heroes highwaymen ♠mercenaries 
 13   Dragonewts ambassadors ♣warband mercs ♠travelling   Siege   Humanoids baboons ♣centaurs satyrs ♠wind children 
 14   Plague   Thanes visiting ♣prisoners at a wedding ♠travelling 
 15   Undead wraiths ♣vampires zombies ♠ghouls 
 16   Chaotic broo ♣dragon snail ogres ♠scorpion men 
 17   Lycanthropes Elurae ♣tusk brothers wolfbrothers ♠tiger sons 
 18   Abomination gargoyle ♣basilisk walktapus ♠cockatrice 
 19   Elemental gnome ♣salamander undine ♠sylph 
 20   Special cultists ♣demon magical sheep ♠sky bulls 

As always, I welcome any feedback for improvement.

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