18 March 2015

Revamped Perrin Conventions

To me, Steve Perrin is the most important rpg designer, ever. Since the very beginning, he has epitomised what I like in a role-playing game: an old-school feel, but with more unified, more logical mechanisms than D&D. To me, his maiden oeuvre, the original Chaosium version of RuneQuest (1978), is simply perfect, and has remained my favourite rpg to this day.

As you may know, the origins of RuneQuest lie with the Perrin Conventions, a set of xeroxed sheets of paper that were passed on from avid gamer to avid gamer in the Bay Area and then all over the US which "improved" the original D&D combat rules with a more streamlined approach to them. The Perrin Conventions are available here, but they are the later version that appeared in Chaosium's All The World Monsters vol.2, not the original ones from the xeroxed copies. There were many differences between the original xeroxed version and the one that ended up being published within All The World's Monstes vol.2: the latter concentrated on the combat rules, whereas the former had a lot of magic rules and other stuff.

Anyway, there's been talk round the internet that the complete Perrin Conventions would soon be republished, possibly in a revamped form. This new publication would be as a digest-sized illustrated game rule book. Unfortunately, no ETA at the moment.

All I can reveal is that Steve Perrin is currently working on the "new" Perrin Conventions, which will be heavily annotated and include details on the campaigns they were used in, including the campaign world he has been running under a dozen different systems since Steve first started role playing in 1974. Huzzah!

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  1. I spent some time hunting for the Perrin Conventions a couple years ago and discovered...doh, they were in the back of ATWM. Now that I discover that was a later and different draft my interest is renewed.