10 February 2015

[D101 Games] The Book of Glorious Joy on Offer!

(from D101 Games' blog)

The Book of Glorious Joy by the noted scholar of Western Gloranthan lore Jamie ‘Trotsky’ Revell is currently on offer on DriveThruRPG. The PDF, for instance, is at a ridiculous USD 5.00.

The book describes the culture of Western Genertela, the part of the northern continent that is home to the monotheistic Malkioni, with a particular focus on the idealistic Kingdom of Loskalm, whose inhabitants follow an egalitarian brand of Malkionism called New Hrestoli Idealism.

But quick, quick, the book won't be available any longer after the end of this month. Last chance to pick up a 176-page beaut of a book with fantastic art, with heaps of saintly cults for HeroQuest, and with an original Malkioni calendar that I am using for my Umathelan games. The book is non-canon but YGWV so what the heck.

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