18 January 2015

Deluxe T&T − The End Is Nigh

The end is nigh, but that's actually quite a good piece of news because it is the end of a long wait: the wait for deluxe Tunnels & Trolls!

This KS project started two years ago, at the beginning of 2013; it was quickly funded at 500% of its initial goal, and it had an initial delivery date of August 2013.

There were plenty of nifty add-ons and options, which I unfortunately had to waive given the shipping costs to Europe, so I just stuck to the core PDF. Which doesn't mean I wasn't excited! T&T is one of my go-to system, so I am really following the updates very closely.

Well, the latest one says the finished text is complete! It's on to the final layout phase now.

Also according to the latest update, the book is going to be over 300 pages, meaning we'll get our money's worth. ETA is now end of February for the PDF, and end of March for the dead tree versions.

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