11 August 2014

Gloranthan Goodness Galore

Two excellent pieces of news for us Gloranthan fans this Monday!

First and foremost, the Gloranthan web comic by Jeff & Kalin Kadiev that I had mentioned in my Eternal Con report is live. The first instalments look fantastic. I have been a fan of the art that Kalin posted on deviantART and on G+ for a long time, but I think he's really surpassed himself here!

The story almost starts in medias res: except for the first introductory page, set in a pastoral landscape that looks quaintly Thracian, the Gloranthan tone is immediately there, with the otherworld, the demons. Looking forward to the next episodes!

The second very interesting piece of news is the announcement by Moon Design of a 13th Age in Glorantha book. The supplement will be funded via a Kickstarter campaign but honestly I can't see how it shouldn't fund. With RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha by The Design Mechanism in the pipe, this means that around this same time next year, GMs and players of Gloranthan adventures will have the choice between three different official rule sets to play in Glorantha:
  1- HeroQuest, for narrative games
  2- RuneQuest 6, for gritty adventures
  3- 13th Age, for character-driven/centred gaming
plus all the unofficial homebrews, amongst which Timinits & Trolls by yours truly.  Which is really, really cool: Glorantha may now expand to all kinds of gaming styles and all kinds of different players.

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  1. "13th Age is the Ennie-nominated, OGL d20-rolling game ... 13th Age offers straightforward rules that promote dramatic, exciting combats."

    this looks more to me like a product caring to the Gamist (Ludiste) types of players. This categorization would make sens with :
    - Heroquest : Narrativists
    - Runequest : Simulationists