04 April 2014

RuneQuest 6 In Italian!

The Italian company Asterion had translated and published the Mongoose RQII version of the RuneQuest rules in Italian. The book was a superb full-colour hardback with amazing illustrations. Despite its quality, and despite an original 100% Italian companion setting book based on a popular fantasy novel, the book sold quite poorly in the difficult Italian rpg market.

Despite these past difficulties, Alephtar Games, mostly known for their high-quality historical BRP settings (Rome, Life and Death of the Republic, for instance, won a Silver Ennie for the "Best setting" category at the ENnies Awards in 2010), have announced that they would be translating and publishing the RQ6 rule book in Italian.

The Italian version of RQ6 is scheduled for availability at the time of the Lucca 2014 Con, i.e.,
around 1st November 2014. Should the product be successful, other translations would follow.

Stupor Mundi, Alephar Games' very first product, originally published for the Mongoose edition of RuneQuest, should be made available anew with full RQ6 compatibility.

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