07 March 2014

Random Generators Galore

Did I ever tell you I loved random generators? Hmmm.. Yes, I probably did. OK, I've just stumbled upon a web-site with random generators galore. And they're really nifty random generators; they're not powered by old-fashioned D30's like mine, they're based on various scripts, pieces of code, Markov chains, and other forbidden lore, that yield a huge array of results.

The site goes by the fanciful name of donjon.

My favourite random generators are:
  • the Random Dungeon Generator – Old School at its best
  • the Random Treasure Generator (to populate your randomly generated dungeons)
  • the Random Weather Generator (whoa)
  • the Weird Random Generator – 'cause it's weird
  • the Star Wars D6 System Generator (whoa)

You're gonna spend hours and hours poring over all the generators, you're gonna hate me :)

1 comment:

  1. Ce site est absolument génial, c'est une mine qui contient infiniment plus que le sommaire le laisse présager (et qui est déjà énorme).

    Par exemple, le Fantasy Name generator propose une option "Deities & Demigods" :

    Chula, Goddess of Chaos
    Paha, Lord of Plants
    Asas, Lady of Fate
    Sacha, Goddess of Chaos
    Ryaniel, Lady of Luck
    Bele, God of Storms
    Rosel, Goddess of the Undead
    Dielah, Lord of the Sky
    Onweg, God of Wealth
    Udiel, God of the Sun

    Ce site est fabuleux.