25 February 2013

The Magazine Rack

The Internet Archive has opened a new sub-section called The Magazine Rack, which harbours many scans of old magazines, including role-playing and war-gaming magazines (The Dragon, The General, etc.).

Although said 'Magazine Rack' is a real treasure trove for old-school gamers, there isn't much of real interest, alas, for us Gloranthan fanatics.

At the moment, I have found the following of interest:

In The Space Gamer issue 71, p7-9: Converting TFT Characters to T&T. Comments: this is a pretty boring conversion article; it might give you, however, some ideas to be re-used for character generation if you're using my Timinits & Trolls rules.

In The Space Gamer issue 85, p39: The Giant Squid, for RuneQuest. Comments: this can be a fun addition to any marine-based adventure; a kraken is always a welcome surprise!

In The Space Gamer issue 85, p48-50: Gloranthan Metals, for RuneQuest. Comments: this has already been published in various sources, but it is always handy to have this kind of information in one place. Can also be used in conjunction with my previous Rune Identities post.

In The Space Gamer issue 85, p51: The Spy Character Class, for Stormbringer. Comments: this can be easily adapted for a Fonritan game of intrigue and backstabbing.

In The Space Gamer issue 87, p30: Folk Magic, for RuneQuest. Comments: this is a generic article about Folk Magic by Sandy Petersen. The Guidelines therein can be easily adapted to any 'freeform' or 'narrative' style of play. Most useful.


  1. J'aurais dû être plus rapide, ils ont déjà retiré le n°71, qui aurait certains articles encore sous copyright...

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