18 March 2012

T&T: New French-Language Edition - First Impressions

OK, after having perused the new French-language edition of Tunnels & Trolls, I must agree that calling it "8th edition" is somewhat of an exaggeration. What Patrice Geille has done beyond translating the rules is mostly re-organising them in a more logical, structured way (7th ed was such a mess!).

Combat is the part that has received the most in-depth treatment, and indeed I can see a rule that I don't remember having seen in other editions (but then I'm not a big T&T expert): any damage inflicted through spells and/or missile weapons at the beginning of an encounter is added to the rolled damage total of the first round of combat, which is actually tantamount of keeping track of said damage twice. Now the rules say this is to reflect the 'shock' value of that damage; however, I don't think I'll apply that rule.

There is also quite an extensive part dedicated to poisons and their various effects, which I don't recall having already noticed in previous incarnations of the rules (possibly as an extra in the 30th anniversary CD).

More in future posts as I continue reading the rules and writing down small notes.


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  3. Hey, I'm glad you bought the book! More to come in the near future (see http://tunnels-et-trolls.eu/) :-)

    You're quite right, the French edition mostly introduces changes in the structure and presentation of the rulebook, which now looks more like the popular 5th edition.
    However, it is definitely not the French equivalent of Fiery Dragon's edition, and it is only logical that it should not be called a 7th edition. Doing otherwise could have meant stepping on Fiery Dragon's toes.

    The rule about the "shock effect" of combat spells (section 2.5, page 84 of the French edition) is really nothing new. It was already in the 5th edition (see section 2.32 Magic in Combat).
    The same goes for the "shock effect" of missile weapons (in section 2.7, page 88 of the French edition). It was also in the 5th edition (see section 2.33 Missile Weapons).
    Maybe the new presentation makes that rule clearer than it used to be.
    Besides, the 7th edition stated in section 3 about Missile combat that “If you miss the SR, you get no points toward the melee total. If you make it, your points count no matter what.”. Unfortunately, the wording was ambiguous to anyone that was not very familiar with the previous, 5th edition.

    As for the new poison section, it was in the 7.5 edition.

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    The reason I've always loved T&T is because of its versatily and also because I could sort of ad lib games without having the rules at hand. The only rules to remember were: 2D6 for SRs, and add your dice and make the difference with your opponent to compute inflicted damage :)
    I've done this a lot at conventions between games or whenever a game was cancelled.

    As you have written, a lot of these rules may have been present in the past, but possibly mentioned en passant. Too bad indices seem not to be compatible with T&T rule sets ;)

    Are you sure the types of poison are the same as the ones in the Fiery Dragon rule set? I'll have to double check...