10 January 2012

Teleos Crazy Idea

OK... I'm reading Carcosa. I am also a playtester for the upcoming Harreksaga by Moon Design, and our party is currently fleeing a gang of lily white-skinned cannibals on the secluded island of Teleos. Why me... I've always hated cannibal holocaust movies!

Anyway, since I'm reading Carcosa and recovering from the last game session at the same time, I have these weird ideas materialising in my feverish brain about using Carcosa for a Second Age weird fantasy campaign at the centre of Glorantha. Right... Carcosa = Teleos. The size of the map is right. The dinosaurs are right. The cannibals are right.

Here are the correspondences that have popped up in my head:
  • Carcosa  = (Second Age) Teleos
  • Dinosaurs = Dinosaurs
  • Snake-Men = Dragonewts
  • Aliens = God Learners
  • Alien technology = Zistorite technology
  • 13 different coloured human tribes = either decide that there used to be 13 tribes in the Second Age before their number was reduced to 7 in the Third Age; OR make the 6 extra tribes sub-tribes of the 7 canonical ones... Obviously the Bone Men from Carcosa are the White Men from Teleos.
  • Sorcery = God Learner sorcery
  • Old Ones = this is the only correspondence I'm struggling with... Maybe some forgotten myths unearthed by the God Learners?


  1. Some of the extra colors could come from Vadeli forgotten hues.

    The Vadeli would love some of the Carcosa sorcery.

  2. OK, so what about Old Ones = Vadeli?

  3. They are not THAT inhuman. :)

  4. Anonymous28/4/20 03:03

    Nothing ever published, officially or by fans, had cannibals on Teleos! And the White Tribe (as it was originally conceived on the old Glorantha Digest) consisted of members of the six colored tribes who had given up their ways of Hating each other and lived in harmony, everyone keeping their babies no matter what color they were.