17 September 2011

My Game

As already written, I'll be using a variation of the 7th edition T&T rules for my forthcoming Second Age campaign game.

I am currently working on the rules, which are based on a set of house rules successfully used with the kids. The idea is to have a set of rules that are simple, "old school" but still Gloranthan in taste. I will be posting the first draft soon.

At the moment I can reveal the following:
  • player characters are defined by 10 characteristics
  • the game mechanics emphasise the use of Talents
  • there are nine character classes: Jack-of-all-trades (really the T&T rogue renamed), Journeyman (citizen), Soldier (warrior), Wizard, Alchemist, Herbalist, Minstrel, Sage, and Thief. The latter are based on Adapting Arduin Characters to Tunnels & Trolls, an article written by Ken St André in issue 11 of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
  • there are 4 kinds of magic: Hedge Magic (freeform, low intensity, corresponding to Gloranthan Battle Magic), Wizardry (corresponding to standard T&T magic, and used by Malkioni Wizards), Spirit Magic (still to be developed), and Cult Magic (based on the priestly magic devised by Dorothy V. March in Mirabile Dictu! Priests as Characters in T&T, in issue 17 of the Sorcerer's Apprentice).
  • PCs can join cults and thus have access to Cult Magic irrespective of their class.


  1. Anonymous2/9/12 13:43

    Do you still have a copy of Mirable Dictu????

    I live in Australia and can't find it.


  2. I do (I'll contact you privately). BTW the rules are going to be published here: http://ruleonemagazine.com/

  3. Anonymous2/1/15 15:43

    How about Sorcerers Apprentice #11 can't find that either.


  4. Anonymous19/1/15 12:15

    Could I trouble you for a PDF copy ?

    I've searched for Mirable Dictu, Volume 11 and Volume 17 for years and can't find them to buy them

    In return I'm happy to send whatever PDF's I have plus artwork I've digitised and tidied up and font files that are the rulebook font and the title font with the extended N's