15 July 2007

Signs & Portents issue No.45

RuneQuest articles galore. This, and the swathe of new RQ books announced on Mongoose's site seem to imply that MRQ is successful, which is good news. Even if I still do prefer the RQ2 rules and supplements, a rolegame needs new editions and new supplements to remain popular.
The same author who brought us Spirits in S&P issue 44 brings us Spirit Invocation this time. Again, it is a Gateway article that I will probably salvage for my Imperial Chinese rolegame.
Then there is an article about the effects of booze on MRQ characters, and another article about new magic items (we're treading the D&D path again, gentlemen).
And if three MRQ articles weren't enough, there also is a small article about Mongoose having acquired the Eternal Champion licences for use with MRQ!

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