09 April 2007

Signs & Portents issue No.43

Good news... Whereas the very first MRQ instalments in S&P were all Gateway (and made me fear that MRQ might go the same way AH RQ did), the cover of the latest issue of S&P depicts several Gloranthan creatures against the background of a big map of Genertela, heralding a steer towards Gloranthan material.

Issue No.43 of S&P contains two MRQ articles.
The first one details a score of Gloranthan NPCs from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, which is very useful, since the Player's Guide to Glorantha hasn't been published yet, and building Gloranthan (N)PCs is really, really difficult — especially for Western characters, as demonstrated by this very blog. The characters are OK; I'm only surprised by how little magic some of them wield — I've always considered Glorantha to be a world full of magic, and even the lowliest NPC should have the equivalent of some RQ2 battle magic.
The second article is a series of four brief Gateway adventures. Nothing special.

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