28 December 2012

The Random Adventure Giannirator (cont'd)

After imaginos' improvements, now it is my friend Greg's turn to drastically improve the 'Giannirator'.

Greg's improvements are noteworthy in that:
a) he expands the Giannirator to add a Campbellian feel to it, and
b) he restricts it to Glorantha.

My initial and quite haphazard design born out of the boredom of an autumnal night, and initally destined to be yet another quirky curiosity in the long list of online OSR gaming aids, has now become a fully-fledged adventure generator.

Actually, rather than a mere advenure generator, it has become a campaign generator. And it is consistent with Joseph Campbell's monomyth, which is one of the fundaments of Greg Stafford's work on Glorantha.
The steps of the Giannirator are now to be rolled in the order outlined by J Campbell, viz:

1) The mundane world. Choose a Character or an Event.
2) The Call to Adventure. Choose a Character or an Event.
3) Refusal of the Call. Choose a Character or an Event.
4) Supernatural Aid. Choose a Character.
5) The Crossing of the First Threshold. Choose a Place.
6a) Allies. Choose a Character.
6b) Enemies. Choose a Character.
7) Belly of The Whale. Choose a Place.
8) The Road of Trials. Choose a Character or an Event.
9) The Ultimate Boon. Choose a Character or an Event.
10) Return. Choose a Character or an Event.
11) Resurrection. Roll 1D10.
12) Return. Choose an Event.

The above are just a brief summary of Greg's improved Campbellian Giannirator. Please give it a try, even if it's in French (an on-line translating tool may help).

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