05 June 2012

T&T: New French-Language Edition - Character Sheet

A nice, professional-looking player character sheet is available on-line for free at this location. I believe you must have a valid login to download it, but it's worth it because the sheet is really beautiful.

Given the simplicity of the T&T stat blocks, I believe you can safely use this player character sheet even if you're not familiar with the French-language terms.

If you're really, really linguistically challenged, here are a few tips:
FOR is STR; CH is LK; VIT is SPD; FLU is WIZ.
I believe that Attaque normale is where you'd inscribe your usual attack dice.
Défense totale is the total hits blocked by your character's armour (I usually call these Protection Points in English — not sure how canonical it is).
Arme is Weapon; Portée is Range.
Sorts is Spells.

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