25 March 2012

Races and Creatures of Umathela

Some of the many races and creatures of Umathela have already been mentioned on this blog:

  • Iqari
  • Lascerdans
  • Plant-Men (Dryads, True Elves, Black Elves [Voralans], and Red Elves [Slorifings])

Other sentient races:

  • Dwarfs. Umathelan Dwarfs are vegetarian.
  • Grey Giants.
  • Timinits (several sub-species); they are allied with the Westerners.
  • Trolls (Dark Trolls and Trollkin) in the Tarmo Mountains. Hot Trolls do not live in Umathela but further south in the jungles.

  • Boars and hogs; both domestic and wild. And sheep. Swine and sheep are almost the only domesticated meat animals of Umathela. Fowl/poultry are uncommon; cattle non-existent.
  • Horses are not native to Pamaltela and hence extremely rare. Only Westerners own horses, which are exclusively used as mounts, and never as beasts of burden.
  • The Middle Sea Empire tried to introduce mules, but for some reason they all died out in Pamaltela.
  • Draught animals: the standard Umathelan draught animal is the giant hog used to haul carts. In other parts of Pamaltela, wagons are simply dragged by teams of men.
  • Although Theyalan in origin, Umathings do not keep alynxes as companions but dogs (that are similar to  the Catahoula cur).
  • Wolves of various sizes and types. Large wolves may be used as mounts by some monsters.
  • It is rumoured that the Zistorites have managed to domesticate large flightless birds called horseclaws, which they mount much in the same fashion as the Dragonewts mount the (larger) demi-birds.

  • Giant arthropods.
  • Giant insects. Trolls raise and breed all kinds of giant insects.
  • Undead.

From the Gloranthan Bestiary:

  • Charnjibber; a highly chaotic predator whose size and shape are constantly changing. Greatly feared throughout Pamaltela.
  • Gargoyle; lives in the mountains.
  • Grue (large chaotic monster; bipedal, huge deformed head; their blood is corrosive); lives in eastern Umathela near rivers
  • Mountain Trolls (low intelligence)
  • Sabre-toothed Cat
  • Skybull
  • Succubus
  • Titanothere

Mottled Condies

From Trotsky's site:


  • Fright (a degenerate, trollish ape-like creature).
  • Hoon (again, a degenerate, trollish bat-like large monster); lives in the mountains.
  • Shadowstalker (darkness-related, wiry ape-like creature with a long neck); lives in forests.
  • Watchwere (hulking ape-like chaotic horror); have the ability to see through any object as if it were transparent.

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