05 February 2014

RuneQuest 6 "Pack" - Best Bundle Of Holding Deal Ever

The latest Bundle of Holding offer enables you to buy RuneQuest 6 and the Book of Quest series of interconnected adventures for a mere USD 6.95. Now the RQ6 PDF itself normally costs CAD 25, and the PDF of the Book of Quests CAD 8, so by buying the current bundle you're already saving a hefty 77% off the nominal price!

But the Bundle of Holding is a charity so the idea is to entice donors to give more. By spending more than the current threshold (USD 16 as I'm writing this), you get three bonus supplements: the universally acclaimed Monster Island and its companion, and the mid-range adventure Hessaret's Treasure.

Spending extra to purchase Monster Island, which has been unanimously described as the best S&S supplement in years, is a no-brainer. Its PDF normally costs CAD 14.99 (approximately USD 13.54) so by adding a mere USD 2.50 you get a whole bundle of products so it's still interesting even if, like myself, you already own RQ6 and the Book of Quests.


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